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Every Journey has its purpose

What do we learned about this journey? Similarly to our daily life, each journey tells a story and a purpose to our goals.

To enjoy the beauty of life, you must first:

• Willing to take the risk / challenge

• Sacrifice your time

• Preparation ( mentally and physically )

• Focus

• Plan your time wisely

The entrance of this mountain presents a mini rough dark terrain. It’s just a taste of what’s coming next.

* Life lesson*

Just like life, nothing comes as what we wanted. We have to take small steps and risk to overcome the obstacles.

Throughout the terrain, our body and mind were being tested. The unstable lava ground will definitely make you doubt to continue the journey. We were blessed that all our team trainings came truly handy, both mentally and physically.

*Life Lesson*

Challenges or obstacles make us stronger. All we need is to focus on our goals or beliefs. Always be mentally and physically prepared for anything. Do not give up or make excuses!!

We won over Mount Batur! And the rewards were speechless. We earned it.

*Life Lesson*

No matter how hard it takes, believe in yourself and your goals. Never let small minds tell you it’s impossible because they themselves are afraid of trying something new. Just take the leap, move on and never turn back.

We hope our journey inspire all of you to be stronger together!


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