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Discover Fun Activities in Putrajaya (Malaysia) Lake

If you are in Putrajaya seeking for adventure, I strongly recommend our partner, Flyboard Malaysia. They are located at Marina Putrajaya, Level B1 walking distance from Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside Hotel.

I bet, you will be surprise with what is in store for your adventure. Check out our video to have a glimpse of what you will be expecting, and of course there is more activities for individual, groups or families.

Adding the spice up, the coaches and instructors never fail to make you feel like home. Let loose if you are a first timer in any of their activities.

Detail in their coaching, instruction and guidance, you will be able to enjoy or achieve your dream activities in no time.

So who’s up for an adventure with us at Putrajaya Lake?

For more information on Flyboard Malaysia:

Please note that due to popular demand of activities, you are strongly encourage to pre-book for appointment.

* Thank you for taking your time reading my humble blog. As a reward, please mention the code "Team INFORMA" upon booking. Trust me, you will be rewarded with the sweetest memory ever.

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